MCN Sport Season Preview 2016

The new issue of MCN Sport is a cracker. We kick off with new columns by BT Sport’s Neil Hodgson and NorthOne TV’s James Whitham. Next is a psychological analysis of the seething tensions between the three riders at the top of MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez.
After that we discover that Jorge Lorenzo’s dad, who trained the 2015 champion from the age of five, is training hundreds of other kids from around the world – some as young as two.

Our cover story is an exclusive interview with Casey Stoner, now regarded as one of the greatest riders. In our 11-page interview he reveals exactly how he rode all his MotoGP bikes – including the 2016 Ducati which he could, just possibly, race later this year.

We’ve got interviews with all the British MotoGP guys: Crutchlow, Redding, Smith, Lowes, Kent and McPhee. And veteran journalist Mat Oxley picks history’s top ten MotoGP battles (one of them was last year).

On top of that we have gorgeous Aussie classic racebikes in the studio, and an objective measure of how much better world champion dirt riders are than ordinary blokes.

All this, and a ton of other stuff on Roads, WSB, BSB and more. Don’t watch a race in 2016 without it.


Loveless triangle

Jorge Lorenzo says Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez "won't risk their egos". But how will MotoGP's biggest-ever controversy play out this season? The three men involved and the innocent caught in the middle speak their minds.

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World exclusive: Stoner's MotoGP secrets

The retired (at the moment) world champion reveals for the first time how he rode his MotoGP bikes - and tells us why there's still way too much electronics getting in the way of riding skill.

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The man who made Lorenzo

Lorenzo's dad Chico made Jorge the racer he is today. Now he's helping others train the same way - with a little help from Mossad.

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