MCN Sport Special Issue 2015

In the 2015 Special issue of MCN Sport we have an exclusive interview with MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, 34 pages of Classic TT coverage featuring incredible bikes, the best pictures and Team MCN Sport.

We talk to Superdan Danny Kent on why painting and decorating stops him thinking about racing so much and find out from Jonathan Rea why a day spent on a motocross is a perfect day indeed.



Mr Rossi will see you now
From being a painfully shy racing prodigy, Valentino Rossi has grown into a bonafide global celebrity. So how's he coping?

Rea's day off
What do you do to relax if you're leading World Superbikes? Race a supercross legend, obviously...

He might not be able to fly (yet) but the rest of the Moto3 paddock suspect Danny Kent is from another planet. So what's the man of steel really like?