MCN Sport TT issue 2016

In the TT 2016 Review, we ask the top 15 riders how they summon the determination, finance, skill, humour and bravery to lap the world’s most dangerous road racing course at speeds in excess of 125mph.

Plus, we learn what can you see during the TT if you abandon your road bike and take to the trails on an enduro bike, and the racers wives tell us how their other halves change leading up to, during and after TT week and Clive Padgett talks us through getting an RCV ready for Bruce to race.

There’s also loads from the world of MotoGP including ‘Bad fans: what drives fans to behave so badly in the name of their heroes, we look at some futuristic Roland Sands MotoGP bike designs, try and decode Rossi’s helmet designs and Mat Oxley discusses why the new electronics are so good for Rossi.

Inside this issue...

Dancing with the devil

Everyone knows racing involves risk. But road racing is outrageously risky. How do riders cope?

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For most people, leaving this year's TT with three more wins would be cause for massive celebration. But Ian Hutchinson isn't just any other racer...

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Bad fans

It's bike racing, not football. So why have so many fans - especially Rossi fans - turned nasty this year?

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TT in pics

After 109 years you'd think every angle of the course would have been covered. But photographers are still finding new ways to show the unique beauty of these incredible races.

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